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The fifth generation of Ford's classic muscle car.

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2010 Automatic Shifter Solenoid won’t open…stuck in Park

I recently had to charge my battery on my 2010 GT Convertible…done it many times. When done, I found it interesting that the dome lights didn’t come on when I opened the door, but the window electronically shifted down, so I knew there was power. The car started normally, but I was getting all sorts of caution lights…Advance Trac, TPS, others. But more disturbing, when I went to shift to drive, it won’t come out of PARK. The solenoid won’t open to allow shifting.

Any hints on how I can at least get it to shift so I can drive to Dealer?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Casey,

To my knowledge, all cars with an automatic transmission that features a shift lock also come with an override for that lock. In your case it can be found on page 203 of your owners manual.

2010 Ford Mustang Owner's Manual

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So what I ended up doing was disconnecting the battery all together for a day or so. Then when I hooked it back up, all was well. Taking power away completely reset the electronics. Just lucky...


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