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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Bluetooth not working, even after module replacement

I have a MacBook Air early 2017 where I can't activate Bluetooth in system settings (or in the menubar). When clicking the switch nothing happens, stays gray.

  1. I have tried to reset NV-ram and SMC.
    (Other reset options for BT is not available/doesnt show up.)
  2. There is no in /Library/Preferences/ to remove
  3. Wifi is working fine.
  4. Same issue even after replacing Wifi/BT module.
    Wifi is working fine. Unable to activate BT.

    Please bring up you ideas on what's the problem or if you have any solution or idea on what could solve the problem.
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I'd recommend booting into Safe Mode or reinstalling the OS from Recovery Mode to see if the issue could be a software problem. You could also create a new user account to see if the issue still occurs in a fresh software environment. If you've ruled out software, and replacing the AirPort card doesn't fix the issue, then there could be a problem on the main logic board. It might be worth inspecting the condition of the board to see if there are any signs of corrosion or other damage. Good luck!

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Thanks for your answer!

I made a fresh install from recovery mode and then recovered users from a Time Machine backup. But I haven’t tried creating a new user. Will do that!


@ola39360 Best of luck! Let us know if you find a solution.


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