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The V2 Controller comes in different Generations. You’re looking at Generation 4.

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R2 button not working

So recently I replaced both joysticks on my controller and since I did this the R2 button does not work. I cleaned the contacts, tried to replace the mylar but still nothing. The L2 button is triggered when I touch the joystick contacts with my finger. Can anyone help?

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I think we'll need to see pictures of the inside to answer this the most effectively. Feel free to add some to your original post.

This could just be some parts aren't quite aligned properly, or it could be there is some damage to the giant flexible cable that carries all the button signals.

Since replacing the joysticks requires soldering, we'll also want to see pictures of your work to be sure nothing on the board is amiss.

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I just posted a photo if you can take a look


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