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Cheap computer sewing machine branded Singer.

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Handwheel is stuck? No bobbin jam

I have a singer brilliance 6180. It hasn't been used in years, but we recently got it out to give it a chance. When my kid fired it up, they got a c4 message? So I opened up the bobbin area to make sure there was no jam, and put it back together. That's when we realized the handwheel is stuck! For some reason I am having extreme difficulty finding anything other than "make sure there is no bobbin jam" in the advice category. If anyone has any ideas, we would truly appreciate it! Thanks so much

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Have you removed the bobbin case itself to see if it has any thread or compacted fluff there? Also sometimes we forget to return the thread lever back after filling a bobbin. this lever blocks the handwheel from turning. If it is a metal bobbin case it may need just one or two drops of oil.

Failing these things, you can turn the machine upside down and remove the bottom plate to see if any of the screws that move the handwheel mechanism have tightened over the years. Otherwise, I guess it's a repair job. Hope this helps. :)

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