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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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Is it worth it buying to repair?

Hi everyone,

I found MacBook Pro 16” M1 Max (32gb, 1tb) for 450 USD on marketplace ( in my country). The seller said it is unknown condition. He thought the problem was battery. So he took it to unauthorized service and they mess it up even more. And now it won’t even turn on.

So my question is should I risk buying and trying to fix it? Here are some pictures. Is something wrong (expect the battery)?

Thanks all for answers.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Its always a gamble! I've gotten a few good deals and other times a sink hole!

From your pictures its clear the battery is messed up so you will need to replace it. The logic board looks clean I don't see any spillage but then again it's the keyboard side that often gets it.

I would chance it, but can you afford to?

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@danj Thanks for answer and your opinion.

I think I could negotiate to 300 USD. Because it is local.

And if something goes wrong. Even thought market for parts is small. And it would take me some time. I should be able to sold the parts at least for the money that I put in it.


@kicmer there is also the question of whether there are any damaged components on the motherboard, and if you can micro-solder replacement components if they are needed.


@jmehnert - That's the biggest risk because I can’t micro-solder. But I am still waiting for the answer from the seller if it was somehow damaged.


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