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Display Screen is Broken.

The screen is broken and the batter is also finishing up too fast . What could be the solution for this ? .

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See my previous answer for how to replace the screen yourself.


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My display is broken what can I do


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Yash wanth, you will need to replace the screen, and as long as you're at it, a new battery replaced at the same time will give your phone a new life. I didn't find any iFixit-style step by step instruction guides for your phone, but there are a couple of videos made by the same author that show separately how to replace the battery and the screen.

I would suggest following the battery replacement guide first until the battery is free, then pick up on the screen replacement video and follow through removing the screen. Once the screen is back on, go up to the point where you would reconnect the battery then switch back to the battery video to finish up.

Vivo V5 Battery Replacement

Vivo V5 /5s LCD-Touch Replacement

Although the video shows the technician using a hot air gun to heat the screen adhesive for removal, in actuality a normal hair dryer will work fine; just let it heat longer obviously since it doesn't get as hot.

Other than that, search places like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress for the parts you'll need to do the job; I saw screens available on Amazon and eBay for under $25 USD so they're readily available and the phone is old enough that the parts are inexpensive now.

Good luck; let us know how it goes! Take lots of pictures as you do your repair and use those to author your own iFixit guide to screen and battery replacement! It's fun, easy and the community will appreciate you!

Update (05/23/24)

P.S. @mrhelper Mr. Helper, I'm a moderator if you hadn't missed that fact. As such, I advise you to watch your language or risk being banned for life. Comments such as the ones you made will not be tolerated.

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It seems like your Vivo V5 is facing both a broken screen and fast battery drain. To address these issues, I recommend visiting an authorized service center to get the screen repaired and the battery checked. They can provide professional assistance and replacement parts if needed.

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Mr. Helper, you seem to have missed the entire purpose of this site, that of empowering and enabling people to do their own repairs and NOT have to go to an "authorized service center" and get "professional assistance".


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