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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Should the battery show voltage on main + points?

Hi, I just replaced my battery on my mbp. The little control board for the battery has pin outs for 5v 8v+ etc. and of course the main + and - points that actually get connected to the logic board. Should I be seeing voltage on the main + point? I see almost 12v on the 8v+ point of the battery control board but not the main +. Does it need to be connected to the logic board for it to spit out voltage??

Update (08/25/23)

Let me rewind, couple days ago my laptop wouldn’t boot, no water damage, so I figured might be the battery which was already becoming terrible. So I bought one from ifixit, installed it and still no boot.

So I purchased a usbc meter to check voltages. When the battery is installed I get no power going in. When the battery is taken off I get the “dreaded” 5v in only.

However my original question was, should I see voltage on the main positive terminal of the battery when disconnected from the computer. View photo (it would be under the screw of course) because I have 0v on the main terminal of the new battery but on the smaller check points of the battery I get 11+v

Block Image

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You need to tag both contacts with your digital volt meter.

But that doesn’t explain your condition! You stated the in-line power meter is not showing any current going in is that correct? If so the logic boards charging logic has a problem! Which could be the port you are using the port assemblies connection to the logic board as well as the logic within the logic board.

This will take a bit of tracing out from the socket to the logic board and then using a set of schematics and board views checking the logic.

The battery often has very little stored energy so what it might have had could have been drained away.


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I’m not sure where you are measuring from so you not be testing things correctly. As you can see you have six cells which are wired together in such a way to deliver 11.36 Volts on the main power take off points (+ & -) during testing one might want to check the discrete cell or gang of cells that make up the battery, similar to how you should check a bunch of AA batts in a flashlight, which some batteries offer.

I would just focus on the main takeoffs and as long as it’s close that’s as best you can do as you really would need a bit of load to get a proper measure. I personally don’t bother testing the battery this way instead I use this gem of an app CoconutBattery or I use an in-line power meter which plugs into the USB-C charger and then into the system so you can measure things that way if the system is not running.

So does the system work properly? If it is just install CoconutBattery to keep an eye on things!

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