LogicBoard - no sign of life but enters DFU


I was using my Macbook pro 16" as a desktop because of the bent palmrest and broken display, but I managed to buy a second one very cheap with a broken board. I used the parts, everything works great, but I was wondering if I could revive the second board and possibly use it as another desktop computer. I thought it was completely dead because the MacBook has no sign of turning on - the fans don't spin, the capslock doesn't light up when pressed, and the trackpad is completely dead - unresponsive. To my amazement, the board enters DFU after using the classic key combination, and the second MacBook with the Apple configurator installed finds it. Unfortunately, the restore will timeout after a few minutes. The second weird thing is that the board has literally no sign of mechanical or water damage. The original owner said that the laptop suddenly wouldn't turn on - really, there is no sign of oxidation on the board, the macbook definitely had no fall damage, the chassis was in 100% condition. After a detailed visual inspection of the board, I can't visually find anything special.

I have a lot of experience repairing computers and other devices, but I have never tried to do any motherboard level repairs. Can you please give me some tips - what to try etc? Of course I've watched some YouTube videos about the NAND failing on these models and such, but would you be able to recommend a tutorial to help me diagnose that board? Please do not recommend me for Apple authorized service, etc., I just take it as entertainment for free time.

Thanks for any advice and have a good day

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