have found the service manual likely figured the cause what do now

ok so i have a sony KDL-40E4500 LCD TV will post pics in a second recently had a shut down with 9 red blinks every attempt to turn on the tv has resulted in it turning on briefly no obvious screen issues then it shuts off and blinks again at me red 9 times i with great difficulty found teh service manual (https://servlib.com/sony/tv/kdl-40e4500....) and the code seems to mean HFR error (if anyone could explain what that even is i would be greatfull) the fix seems to be replace BGA board i dont know what that means but i beleive i have located what that board is using the manual and its also telling me that i have to possibly replace the LVDS harness if anyone could explain to me what an LVDS harness is so that i can go about looking the part number and replacing it that would be lovely i am going to attach a picture enclosed of the TV with the back off highlighting what i believe to be the BGS board if anyone could tell me wether i am correct aboutn that board bieng the BGA board and also what an LVDS harness is or if you have any extra troubbleshooting steps i should try i would be verry greatfull thankyou for your time :D

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