Boots up then turns off and won’t turn on again

Had the console since 2014 probably about a few years ago I’d be playing a game and it would show the red ring of death then the fan would go on very loud then I’d get a message it had overheated. The Xbox was always propped up on top of a printer nothing blocking in every direction apart from the bottom. It would eventually get so bad that every time I booted it, the red light would show and fan would be blowing at max but then I’d be able to play as usual for however long no problem but only after it “overheated”. Just last year I had put my Xbox in storage in a closed cabinet, just recently I’ve taken it out tried to turn it on no life. I left it for a couple days then tried again and this time it booted to the dashboard however after about 10 seconds it just went dead there was no fan spinning nothing no warning and it wouldn’t turn on again unless I left it for another couple hours. There is a noticeable hissing/ static sound coming from under the fan or the hard drive compartment when the power supply is plugged in but I’m not sure exactly where the sound is from. I’ve taken it apart very minimal dust, booted it again same outcome same hissing sound not sure what to do. There were other problems like how the Xbox would sound like an idling car when ever I used disks. But even after I dusted out the whole thing the idling sound remained for years.

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