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Wi-Fi is not working on my laptop

Hello, Wi-Fi is not working on my laptop

It says that the connections are not available


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So there are 2 potential problems.

The first is a driver issue. This can be caused by Windows updates. Search for Device Manager in Windows Search, and look for Network Adapters. Then look for the Wifi card, right click and select Uninstall. Click yes, do not tick the box that says Delete the driver software for this device. Then restart the PC.

If the problem persists, you will need to download the Wifi driver from the laptop manufacturer website, it is specific to your model. Then repeat the above steps but tick the box to delete driver software. Install the downloaded driver and restart the PC.

If even that does not work, then there could be a hardware problem with the Wifi card. You can either take the laptop to get the Wifi card replaced or purchase a USB Wifi adapter and use that instead. I recommend the USB adapter for older laptops as it is way cheaper than taking a laptop in for repair.

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