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Created in 2022 as an updated version of the prior model. It has a elegant look and a performance boost than the last years Tuf Dash F15.

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when ever the device goes to sleep and wakes the screen starts to tear

I have had this device for about 5 months and almost every time it goes to sleep (either automatically after idling for a while or directly from me )

the screen starts to tear every 5 seconds or so

the current frame freezes for about .4 seconds and then works normally for 5 seconds and repeat

though it does not affect the performance as the other 5 seconds the device works normally and with the usual performance

almost always it is solved by restarting but sometimes that is not a favorable solution

is there a way I can fix this issue ??

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I had this issue, ensure you go to windows settings --> Windows updates, and refresh to ensure all available updates are visible. Then download Geforce Experience (Nvidia Control Panel), check for driver updates, and update your graphics card to the most recent update. Now hit the windows icon on the left, click power, Restart, and keep pressing the delete key before it boots up so it opens bios. Check the bios Version at the top left, then exit without saving changes at the bottom right. You can check the manufacturers page to see if there is a more recent version out. I did all of this, and one or all of the combined updates fixed the problem.

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