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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Won’t turn on. But gets warm even in dead state

Two days back I was using it. Must have shut the led instead of turning on. Two days after I open the led, nothing happens, so I put it to charging. No response to power click after charging.

Tried these things

  • 10 second power button press
  • Smc reset
  • Authorised service center tried nvram reset too I think
  • Os restore with Apple configurator

Current status

  • No fan sound
  • No response from any visual indication
  • Haptic feedback experienced from touchpad
  • Laptop gets warmed when put in closed space like bag. Goes down once kept in open space, i think somethings getting a bit hot and machine’s fan are trying to get rid of the heat. No fan sound though
  • Apple configurator recognizes the machine but no luck in restoring it
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The charging logic will continue to charge your battery and as the battery ages it can’t accept the power offered, so it gives off heat. I’m sure you’ve encountered an extension cord or even a room heater cord or plug getting warm. That’s the same effect.

I’m guessing here that your battery bad. But to verify you’ll need to open the system to inspect it for blistered cells.

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Thank you Dan for responding

So you suspect its a battery issue, thats why its not turning on or the reason why its getting warm even in dead state.

It’s absolutely unresponsive


Hi @dan

We tried restoring/erasing the chip with apple configurator. That didn’t work either.

There is haptic feedback on touch pad, machine heats up after sometime.

Store executives have advised to get the logic board replaced.

What would you suggest to do?


@mayurikulkarni - I think you need to locate someone with deeper skills who can fix your logic board if the issue is that. Apple made these new systems harder to diagnose as one can't easily connect a spare battery like we could before. Now you need to take it out to make room and in doing so you likely will hurt the battery as it doesn't like being stretched and twisted!

There are more advanced Independent shops which maybe your best hope to save some money as a new logic board is not cheap!

So where on this big Blue marble we call earth do you live? Country and nearest major city, lets see if we can aim you to someone.


I do have some hope as Apple Configurator could detect the machine. I’m living in Mumbai, India. I would really appreciate some help locating someone skilled to do the operation

Thanks a ton in advance


@mayurikulkarni - Are you planning on traveling to Europe or Australia? Sadly, I don’t know of any one in India!


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