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The Mark 2 series is the longest running Jetta so far. Introduced to Europe in early 1984 and to North America in 1985, the second generation Jetta proved to be a sales success for Volkswagen.

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How to change my gear shift

How to change my gear shift

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@hemnluqman clarify what you mean by changing your gear shift. Give us as much detail as possible so we can at least try to hrlp you.


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I understand you want to change the shift pattern for your vehicle. You may have changed wheel sizes, for example, and want an easy way to adjust the thresholds without the hassle of swapping out chips on your auto trans unit. Depending on what part of the world you're in, Jaycar Electronics has a module you can just wire in. They're not showing it on their website, so I'll check back through paper catalogues for a part number for you.

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