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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 6a with 5G smartphone. Released in July 2022.

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How to replace only the display glass, but not the full display

Hey there. The pixel 6a of a friend has the glass broken - the display itself is working perfectly, no issues with touch or alike. So only the glass needs replacement.

I haven't found any instruction on how to do this though - does anyboy have an instruction about it?

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Hey guys,

After watching the video in the link a few times, I actually decided that I'm going up give it a try.

But this brings me to the question of the right glue. I have b-7000 glue. Is that the right type? He is mentioning in the comments some stronghold glue that they are selling. But I have no idea, if that's the same type of glue or not.


@friedemann39749 It depends what you're talking about using the glue for. The kit he's selling comes with the OCA, or Optically Clear Adhesive you need to seal the replacement glass onto the OLED, and from my viewing of the video, it doesn't seem to require removal of the screen from the chassis, so I'm at a loss as to what you're wanting to use the B7000 for. If you do plan on removing the screen from the phone to do the glass replacement (probably not a bad idea), then I wouldn't go with glue, but rather I'd recommend you buy the precut adhesive sheets sold by iFixit, which are genuine Google parts.

Google Pixel 6a Display Adhesive - Genuine


That's exactly what I want to do: I want to seal a replacement glass onto the oled. And I'm not sure what kind of glue I need for that.b7000 is not the right glue for that?


No, B7000 is not the right adhesive for a glass-only replacement.

You want a specialty OCA glue. I would recommend searching for one that is UV activated. That way if you don't line it up perfectly on the first attempt you can try again and again as needed. When you've got it right use a UV light for a few moments or else take it to the sunshine for a while. Make sure to read the instructions and take appropriate precautions about not exposing it to light before you're ready to use it and etc.

There are other types of OCA but after a bunch of research I'm fairly confident that the UV light is the kind most professionals use for this type of repair.


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Hi Friedemann,

In theory yes, the front glass can be replaced. However, in order to do it correctly, the process requires a vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles from between the front glass and the OLED and a UV chamber to cure the Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) glue that's used to bond them together.

That assumes you can separate the original glass from the OLED without damage. Even experienced technicians can't guarantee 100% success doing this, and to be honest your chances of success on your first try aren't good. You need a vacuum table to hold down the display and a set of wire guides on each side to hold the thin wire at the right height to cut the adhesive without damaging the screen.

So yeah, vacuum table, wire guides, vacuum chamber and UV chamber; I don't know about you but I don't happen to have any of those lying around my garage.

The upshot is that I wouldn't recommend glass replacement. You can probably accomplish a half-assed version of that repair without the equipment, but figure it's going to look like a badly applied screen protector when you're done. Buying a full screen assembly will give you much better odds of success.

That being said, however, I understand the desire to take on a challenge. I mean, worst case is it doesn't work and you end up having to replace the whole screen anyway, right? There is a video on YouTube showing a guy who's put together a kit for doing just the front glass replacement on a Pixel, so that's probably where I'd start.

How to Repair Cracked Screen Glass Only Replacement on Google Pixel 6/5/4/3/A/XL New DIY Method - YouTube

What the heck, for $28 USD it might well be worth a try!

If you do decide to go for it, let us know how it all turns out. And if you get ambitious, take photos and create your own guide to doing this so the next person who comes along with the same problem can benefit from your experience.

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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I'll add to this that I have done the "without all the equipment" option and it has never gone well for me. I have had a successful glass replacement, but it definitely does not look original. There are a few permanent dust particles embedded in the screen and overall it just looks... somewhat off. Also, my first few tries destroyed the screen underneath. I'm honestly not sure what I did differently on the success, perhaps just luck of the draw on if the screen separates properly or not.

You're going to need a lot of patience, a lot of heat, and (the part I was missing) some good leather gloves will really help protect your hands.

If you do choose to attempt this method, good luck! It is a fun challenge and worth spending the time on just to experiment with repair methods if nothing else.


Thanks a lot for your in depths answers! Probably not what I hoped for, but certainly very helpful!

I guess I'm not going to try this one. 😅


Thanks a ton for this. I got here looking for a way to replace only the glass and this makes a lot of sense.


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You need professional equipment to accomplish that kind of repair. I recommend getting a full display assembly. All you going to need is an iFixIt kit an a heat gun

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