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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the Steam Deck with LCD display, a handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022. Identified by model number 1010.

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Am I using the correct bits?

I recently purchased the essential electronics kit from IFixit to open up my Steam Deck but even with the SSD replacement guide next to it I seem to be breaking/rounding the Four 5.8 mm screws when trying to turn them.

Do I have the correct bit in this set or did I buy the wrong kit?

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You have a correct driver. Those screws requires a Phillips #0 screwdriver, which is in the center of the bottom row of the bits in the specified repair kit.

Make sure you are applying pressure into the screw, and try very hard not to strip the screws as that makes everything harder. If they do get stripped, this guide may help: How to Remove a Stripped Screw

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I thought I needed the #0 one indeed and applied proper pressure from the start but it still went through the screw steel like butter it seems. The screw seems a bit higher than the others but I can't get it out anymore than this.
I think I'll need your stripped screws tutorial and a set of new ones :( crap

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Removing a stripped screw can be tricky. I would exercise great caution when using the superglue method. Your best bet may be a flat head screwdriver. You will have to get one wide enough to grab what is remaining of the screw head. You will need to press down on the screwdriver with extra force and try to turn it VERY slowly. With some patience, you may be able to remove it. If you are not able to extract it with that method, you may have to grind it out with a rotary tool (dremel). If you have never used a rotary tool, I practice on a different device (that you don't mind damaging) before you attempt to grind off the screw head on your Steam Desk.


Yeah, unfortunately you were using the correct bit but it looks like those screws were put in too tightly at the factory. Hopefully something in that guide will help. As @dmcqk advised, I'd avoid the superglue method, as it is unlikely to help you in this kind of case.

In my experience, the stripped screw pliers work well, but sometimes all you can do, if not in a safe place to use pliers or grind it out, is to use a pair of angled cutters and cut off the plastic around the screw and then replace the plastic after you've gotten the screws out. Such as carefully cutting the plastic away from the screw hole (you can also melt the plastic away with a soldering iron or etc, though this is highly not recommended when there is electronics under the plastic), and then just replace the back cover with something like this: Steam Deck Back Plate

Again, as said above, do not hesitate to find some practice material to try first.


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