no more touch after battery and screen replacement

hey there, i just replaced a new screen on an iphone SE (2020) and placed a new battery in. to my surprise the whole touch is just not working. I tried 2 different screens but the problem stays there.

I have done the repair a couple times before but I have not seen this happen before. could there be anything im missing when combining those 2 repairs that might make the touch not work(everything else seems to be working to make it clearer. no problems with the button or charging up)

for extra info. i did try the old screen AND old battery in there and it did not work. if anything it feels to be everything EXCEPT the screens itself. Somehow i got the feeling it might be one of the components at the bottom as I do remove them to give myself extra space while removing the batter out of the phone. thank you for taking the time looking into it with me!

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