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Realme C3 is a low budget Android smartphone developed by Realme. Released in February 2020 in India and March 2020 in the Philippines.

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Front camera is blurry

Front camera is blurry how can I fix it?

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This might sound absurd, but usually the cause for this is grime or obstruction in front of your front camera. Give the area of the screen a good cleaning. Scratches to the glass, or screen protector in that area can also affect image quality.

Short of that, it's likely to be the camera itself. It's a common area on most phones for liquid to get in due to proximity to the receiver speaker and the edge of the display.

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Well you can try the following tips it might help you in fixing the issue:

  1. Try A Gentle Pet on the Camera.
  2. Clean the Camera Lenses.
  3. Disable the Autofocus from Camera Settings.
  4. Restart Your Phone and Use the Camera App Again

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