My car won’t go into 2nd or 4th gear, but will go 1,3 and 5th gear

Brought a zafira 2months ago, had cambelt done, then had bad grinding crunching noise- thought clutch, then broke down in her getting to mechanic. Then had clutch and gearbox replaced, 2nd gear felt spongy but she was driving etc, sometimes struggled with 2nd or 4th gear and sometime reverse. I drive her for a week and 2 and 4th won’t go in anymore. 1st judders when pulling off, but will go into 3rd and 5th so had to drive her home like that last night, anyone have a clue what it needs to work properly

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If clutch and gearbox were replaced, you shouldn't have these problems at all. Either repairs are faulty, not repaired or the repair shop is incompetent. Perhaps finding another shop with expertise in Vauxhalls may be wiser to have a second opinion. The remaining alternative is a Vauxhall dealer.


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