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The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is a mid-tier superzoom point and shoot camera. It is sold in black, purple, and red.

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Flash toggle button is not responding on new camera.


I bought a used Nikon b500 in good condition. Seller said everything works well, and from what I can see it does. However I am unable to to turn the flash on on the back of the camera. When I press the little lightning icon it does not respond. The flash works as it works other camera modes. I am unable to put it to auto or off. Button is unresponsive.

Anyone have an issue like this?

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My best estimate is that a solder joint has come off inside of the camera. If it is a softer clicky button (like the one on a phone) then you may need a new board. I would contact ebay (assuming this is where it was purchased) and complain about this seller committing fraud (seller says "everything" works well).

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