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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the Steam Deck with LCD display, a handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022. Identified by model number 1010.

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What are the 5.2mm screws inside the Steam Deck, where to get them?

There seem to be about 20 of these in each Steam Deck. These are zinc plated M1.5 or M1.6x4.5mm screws, self tapping, wafer head (0.7 mm high, 3.5 mm diameter). The diameter varies quite a bit, i.e. either M1.6 or M1.5. The thread pitch seems to be around 0.5 or 0.6 mm. There appears to be no official sources for these screws. Does anyone know where to source them?

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Officially I can't say, but there are a few eBay sellers (and likely sellers from other sites) that sell full Steam Deck screw sets for low prices. Here's just one example I've found. Don't anticipate third-party sellers to package a specific type of screw as opposed to either complete device replacements or things like back cover screw sets. I can't speak to quality, but the seller notes for similar sets note a deviation of 1-2 cm for the error margin. At 5.23 mm, your measurements seem comparable. You can take a dig on other sites like Amazon and Aliexpress for more options with these things in mind. Alternatively, you might be able to custom order based on your measurements. The listings I've seen for full replacement sets on eBay have included images with screw measurements that you might be able to cross reference, though I don't know if you'd trust them outside of being a corroborative reference to your own numbers.

I hope this has helped at least a little and that you manage to find the screws that you need.

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I saw the same eBay listing, and from the photos they (very nicely) provided, the thread pitch mismatches. I measured a thread pitch about 0.53 mm on the original screw, or about 8 windings over the 4.5 mm length. The eBay listing shows 6–7 windings over 4.5 mm, and measuring that photo gives a pitch of 0.61 mm. Self tapping M1.6 screws for thermoplastics tend to have a 0.64 mm pitch, whereas M1.4 is 0.5 mm, which indicates that the original screws might be nominally M1.5 ones (their measured diameters has a large spread screw to screw, between 1.5–1.57 mm), and the eBay listing is a M1.6.

I found that if one is OK with retapping the thread, the screws supplied by eXtremeRate in their front cover kit might be better than the eBay ones. The eXtremeRate ones are the same 0.64 mm pitched thread, but have a diameter closer to M1.7, i.e. will fully retap a new thread. By the way, the eXtremeRate ones have a very accurately matching wafer head, whereas the eBay listing shows 0.2 mm less radius. But this shows you maybe again how custom these screws are, as eXtremeRate is obviously not able to source the same screws.

A custom run for such screws is possible, but may easily cost above $1000 and certainly not an economically viable proposition.


@ylai It's good that you have knowledge of the parameters of fasteners. That you can avoid a mismatch with the reference is quite useful. It may seem like a potential longshot, but you may be able to get more precise information from Valve customer support to confirm if their screws are custom or if they fall into a more commonly available configuration you'd be able search for with additional context or classification. Apologies for the low-quality suggestion.


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