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iPhone 8 display is discolored around the cracks, can it be fixed?

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Colored and especially white background are discolored around the cracks, but no discoloration when the contents are black.

Can this be fixed by changing the LCD/display's glass or do I need to replace the whole LCD/display?

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Hi Myles,

In theory it is possible to replace the front glass but for us home DIY-ers the practical answer is no, you can't. In order to properly do the job, you need a vacuum table to hold the screen, wire guides for separating the front glass, a vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles from the adhesive and finally a UV chamber to harden the glue. Dunno about you, but I don't happen to have any of that on a shelf in my garage.

So yeah, the realistic answer here is that the fix for your phone is to replace the entire screen. The good news is it uses an LCD which is much cheaper than the OLED used on later models, plus it's now old enough that the prices have dropped drastically. Although you can support iFixit's repair efforts by purchasing your screen from them, you can also find it on sites such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress very inexpensively. I saw one on Amazon for less than $16; at that price it's not even worth considering the idea of messing with trying to do a difficult front glass replacement. ZTR Replace LCD Glass Screen Fits iPhone 8 4.7 inch Digitizer Assembly Full Complete Frame Set Display Replacement (Black) : Cell Phones & Accessories

If you did buy yours from iFixit, I'd recommend the Fix Kit version; for an extra $5 USD you get all the tools needed to do the job right, along with the precut screen adhesive needed to put it back together again.

iPhone 8 Screen: LCD + Digitizer Replacement Part, Repair Kit

Either way the procedure for the iPhone 8 is basically the same as that for most modern iPhone models. Here's the iFixit guide showing you step by step how to correctly do the replacement.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Good luck; let us know what you decide to do and how it turns out!

Imagem de iPhone 8 Screen


iPhone 8 Screen


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I was planning to DIY replacing the display, but I could lose True Tone, so I'm considering the replacement of the display's glass via a repair shop, since the service fee is similar to replacing the whole LCD display. My question is whether the current LCD is damaged or still salvageable, since there is some discoloration around the cracked parts, and its very visible when displaying a gray and white background (see photos).


@mylesuy Ah, okay that's a distinctly different question than what I read into it.

The color changes on your LCD look to me like they're pressure-induced; my best guess is it would probably be okay once the glass is replaced. You can see the effects of that just by pressing lightly on one of the smaller glass shards; you should see the color distortion get worse along the crack as you press, then return to what it was once you release the pressure. Similarly, once the cracked glass is off, the display should go back to normal.

The shop can easily verify that just by testing the display once they've removed the broken front glass.

But yeah, I understand about the True Tone. My whole family has iPhones so I ended up buying the Qian Li iCopy programmer to do screen replacements. I paid about $60 USD for it and so far it's worked well on the iPhone X's I've worked on.


I tried unscrewing the two screws near the charging port, and it does look like there is pressure on the display. Will it cause any permanent damage if I leave it like that (pressure on the display)?


@mylesuy I don't think the normal operation of the mounting screws would cause permanent damage. I would probably put a glass screen protector on it just to keep from damaging the LCD before you can get the glass replaced though.


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I completelly accept the explain from @dadibrokeit@dadibrokeit i want only to explain you more about your wish save the true tone, today many programator (JC, qianli) can copy the original true tone data from old screen to new screen. (the new screen must be original for working properly) the quality of the Function is little bit lower, becouse from factory is calibrated for every uniqe lcd and light sensor. But from my experience you can not see the diferent and is usable. I mean buy new lcd and Programmer will be cheaper and easier like try to replace glass in home (90% will anyway crack the screen) i make lcd refurbishing since 12year, when you have way to vienna you can visit me i will do for you 😊

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Are all displays programmable? Including those salvaged from another phone or those sold in Shopee/Lazada Philippines.

Like this one:


@mylesuy It's impossible to say with 100% certainty, but in general a screen has to be programmable to be completely compatible. All of the aftermarket ones I've dealt with so far have been, but I've heard a couple of stories from people who say they were unable to program a particular screen.

It hasn't been a big concern for me, but ultimately there's no way to know for sure until you have it in hand and plugged into the programmer.


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