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Manufactured from 2002 - 2006. Product no. 77629. Made in China.

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How to dissasemble this Dog pull-toy?

I can get to unscrew two screws behind the legs, but these do not seem to release the two halves of the toy. My best guess is that the wheels/legs have to come off first, to separate the two halves... but i have had no succes. I cannot unscrew wheels/axel by twisting them opposite directions, cannot pry them off the axels. Maybe the secret are the studs holding the wheels in place.

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But i can't seem to get to pry them without damaging the toy.

Neither the battery compartment or the dog tag holds secret tap/screw/access it seems.

I am at a loss rn.

Would love to fix this toy, my daughter would be thrilled.

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Some mounting screws are hidden under rubber feet like alarm clocks, laptops, other small electronics. Peeling off rubber feet, labels, popping of access covers, etc, may reveal these hidden screws. Other parts are popped into place, hiding screws. Kinda' like a Rubics cube requiring some imagination and patience to discover these hidden things covering access screws.


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Since you unscrewed the 2 screws behind the legs, and you cannot unscrew wheels/axel by twisting/prying them. And Since you've checked the battery compartment and the dog tag for screws, I would recommend checking in front of the legs. I attached a picture:

Block Image

I would also like you to move the legs to see if there are any screws behind the leg pieces I know you unscrewed 2 behind the legs, but there may be more, especially the back legs. When the dog rolls, the head turns back and forth, so there may be screws around the head. Now you can try to remove the studs holding the wheels in place with pliers or tweezers and twist/pry them out. Peeling off labels, or popping off access covers may reveal hidden screws. If you can get a flat head screwdriver in between the 2 pieces you could pry it open, and see what screws are holding it in place, as it may just be glued on.

Lastly, fisher-Price has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993. So, you can always contact Mattel (888) 892-6123 for advice.

I hope this helps, Thanks!

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