Why is my awd system locking and unlocking? In reverse it is terrible

I recently replaced my rear differential in my 07 escape hybrid AWD and immediately had service brake sys, and service 4x4 sys, warnings and ABS light and brake lights were on. Ive changed all 4 speed sensors and check all 4 tone rings . All good. Ive replaced rear wheel bearins and all 4 rear control arms plus rear shocks. Drained and replaced oil in the rear differentil., not the clutch pack side but ring gear side. The AWD locks in and out when I first start to move the car, especially in reverse. After a couple times of engageing and disengageing the 4x4 it kicks out to disabled and drives fairly normal, except in reverse. The rearend feels like it is binding???? Help me please Bruce

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If reviewing the right, sidebar questions doesn't help, you might try searching for Ford Escape hybrid awd forums where owners share problems and answers. At the least, trying AutoZone (call ahead) for their readers to decode abs errors. The erratic awd engaging/disengaging may be the abs acting first, directly affecting awd operation. Abs relies on all four wheel speed sensors on 100% standby in order to react to emergency or occasional wheel slipping during braking. If abs errors occur, this may have a direct effect on the awd system with both acting erratically. Priority should be addressing the abs issues before attending to possible awd problems. I can be wrong and you should seek advice from more knowledgeable people like owners, repair shops, dealers and online professionals willing to help.


Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to answer my question. I am doing front wheelbearings struts and tie rod ends today. I will be checking into the ABS system at same time. This was my thought also but i really appreciate the concurring opinion and advive. Thank you again , F. DRYER


Please, do not thank me when you haven't resolved these problems. I'm more interested in your final solution whether I'm right or wrong.


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