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Released in September 2014, the Samsung NX1 is a smart camera that utilizes the unconventional mirrorless lens system.

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TriPod thread is broken

The tripod connector on the bottom of my Samsung NX1 camera became stripped.  I have tried to fix it with a repair kit, with 1/4"-20 coil to insert in the hole. I have been no lucky. Now I am trying to find a spare part (a tripod plate inside the camera?), but I could not. Do you know where? Maybe you have an alternative, another plate from other model camera that could fit in.

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I believe the mount is replaceable, from what I spy in our guides.

Now the tough part! Finding the part as it doesn’t look overly difficult to replace once you get the bottom plate off to get to the screws which hold it to the frame.

Sadly, that might be difficult! I would contact Samsung - US to see if they can send you the part. If you are in Europe locate their offices near you. You may need to send in the camera as some companies play games on simple stuff like this. Let us know how it goes!

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Hi Dan

Thanks for your advice. The problem is that Samsung withdrew the digital camera line years ago and none of its subsidiaries support those cameras for repair. I have found some spare parts on eBay for this camera, but none concerning the plate or socket that supports the tripod screw mount. It's a pity because it's still an advanced camera for video.


@photox59310 - Sorry to hear that. Can’t you find a junker for parts?


@danj I've thought about it, but so far the only cameras for sale are working properly and as they are overpriced, they are very expensive. I'm trying to contact the person who posted some NX1 repair guides here and maybe he knows or has a photo of the part, as he disassembled the camera several times, but on those guides there is no photo to see what the tripod socket looks like. If I could see it, I could adapt the one from another old camera, which are commonly found on eBay for a peanuts.

I have also email a repair service, but they ask for a minimum of $159, plus shipping, and then I would have to pay import taxes to my country and again shipping. Crazy for a simple 6-7 dollar part. I asked him the supplier of the part, but he says they only work with repair services, not individuals. He doesn't know the part number either, he just calls it Tripod Socket. And I don't find the NX1 service manual either. At the moment, for shooting video with a tripod I have to use a unreliable botch.


@photox59310 - Welcome to our throw-away world! It is such a waste!

Where do you live? Country

Maybe you need to shake up the politicians on this wasteful way we are heading.


@danj I live in Barcelona, Spain. I've become a fan of this camera (I have 2) because I love the quality of the images for the price. I love technology, but planned obsolescence and having to replace things like mobiles every few months is nonsense. Innovation? It's greed that sometimes results in devices that are more flawed and less efficient than the old ones. In this case, Samsung lenses will one day be useless when their cameras don't work because no other cameras could use them. That's why I like to have some vintage lenses in my equipment, because, despite their flaws, they have great virtues and with decades behind them, they are still alive.

What Samsung has done, shutting down the SLR business and development, may be a business strategy, but it is also an unforgivable mistake. An NX2 could have been a great machine, way ahead of its competitors! But who could fix it? Politicians? No. Who runs the world? The big corporations. As consumers, we are dominated. Perhaps the conscious citizen...


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