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The DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2 was announced in 2016 to replace the CUH-ZCT1 controller released in 2013. This controller is similar to the previous model.

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My Controller blinks orange once and then turns off

When I plug it in, it blinks orange once and turns off. I’ve tried multiple cables, and it always blinked once after being plugged it. Same thing with different outlets and USB ports. Even after resetting the controller, it blinked once when I let go of the reset button. All Buttons work fine, I tried putting the PS4 into Safemode, which didn’t help, not sure what I was thinking there. So I’m kind of running out of troubleshooting diagnostics. Is there something I’m missing?

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If your DualShock 4 controller (model CUH-ZCT2) blinks orange once and turns off when plugged in, try these steps:

  1. Ensure a full charge: Leave the controller connected to the PlayStation 4 console with a USB cable for an extended period to ensure a complete charge.
  2. Reset the controller: Press the reset button on the back using a paperclip or similar tool, then try reconnecting it.
  3. Update the controller firmware: Connect the controller to the console and update its firmware through the "Settings" menu.

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Well this video might be help you out in fixing this issue:

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