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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Microphone only work in calls

Microphone is really really low (almost not audible) in all apps except phone calls where it works.

What I have tried so far.

  • Making sure all apps are allowed to use the mic
  • Restarted phone
  • Cleared phone cache via bios
  • Cleared apps cache
  • Made sure everything is updated

I feel I have tried everything except factory reset so far. Any suggestions? Apps I have tried is WhatsApp, facebook messenger, telegram. None of them get any sound or very very low.

I have not done anything to the phone or with the phone before this started.

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When the microphone isn't working in other apps, how are you conducting those communications? Are they video calls? On speakerphone? It could be they are using a different microphone than when you're making a proper phone call.

If that's the case, first thing I would do is just clean the debris out of any microphone grills. Most smartphones have at least three microphones. One on the bottom edge of the device for phone calls, one on the back near the rear camera for video calls and one near the top edge of the phone for front facing camera operations. Speaker phone and video calls would likely use that microphone rather than the bottom mic like a traditional phone call would.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

I have concluded it's the small mic next to the sim slot. My guess is something has gotten in their or that I punctured it if that's even possible, trying the wrong place to open the sim. Tried to clean it from the outside but I would probably need to take the phone apart to solve this, which I have no idea how to do and I am not sure my company would love that. I might ask for another phone of possible.

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