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HP All-in-One 22" Chromebase is HP's ChromeOS-based desktop made by the HP company and was made available in 2021.

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Currys demo unit purchased

Hi everyone. I have purchased a display unit from Currys that was running a retail demo in store.

I am unable to remove demo mode by resetting, rebooting or powerwashing the device - as it continues to run demo mode.

Ia friend helping me out has read that it is possible that Currys centrally manages the software used to run demo mode and we are going to contact them today to see if they are able to remove it from their end when I provide proof of purchase.

Just wanted to check if anyone had any suggestions that we could rry before we do this - or ask if anyone has any personal experience of contacting a retailers central tech support for a similar issue at all.

thanks in advance.

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Hey there @willi80!

This may be a little late for you, but if the machine is managed by Curry's, the only way to remove management would be to contact them, as removing management from any ChromeOS device is next to impossible, and the method for removing it has the potential to destroy the device. Hopefully, they will remove the management and you'll be home free! For more information, you can check out this article. The focus is on Chromebooks, but the principles will be the same for any ChromeOS machine.

Hope this helps!

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