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Repair and disassembly information for the AirPods (3rd Generation) wireless earbuds from Apple.

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Why is my left Airpod not charging?

When I put my left Airpod into the charging case it does charge and isn't being detected by my phone

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before attempting to replace your AirPods look in the case and check for buildup of dust or anything else this can block the charging port for the airpod causing it to remain dead. also, clean your Airpod it may be an issue with the Airpod itself.

hope this helps

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Just to add to @gabesech answer, I would highly recommend using a Q-Tip and some 90% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. When cleaning, be sure that you are gentle when inserting the Q-tip into the charging case, as the contacts can bend if you are not careful. Alternatively, cleaning kits are available specifically for cleaning Wireless Earbuds.


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This will be not really helpful but informative.

I was having the same issue with my right earpod and when you put it into its case, sometimes tried to charge, sometimes it just don't... as being someone with OCD and always cleaning the unit, i took a look inside the case with a fiber optic camera probe and, as you can barely see without it, it has 2 contact points in the case for each earpod, turns out that (seeing it with the probe cam) one of the contacts is peeling (because it is not pure copper, or assuming, because pure copper doesn't peel)

Tried my best to clear and put a micro layer of copper and, at least for now, works.

You can see the black dot int he picture (sorry but couldn't get to focus inside)

Block Image

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