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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Severe internal overheating, blistered plastic over RAM

I've been brought this macbook to try and repair. The behaviour pointed towards overheating, the base remained very hot to the touch for some time after switching off. When I opened it up to have a look, there was a very visible sign of dangerous overheating, the protective cover over the RAM had got so hot that it blistered (see photo)

Block Image

Could this just be a very bad internal heat dissipation problem, for example the fan and heat pipe failing to draw heat away from the CPU, and this just happens to be the only component near the CPU that can melt?
Or is it more likely the RAM itself that has heated up and caused this, in which case we're probably looking at a logic board replacement?

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I must admit. I’m curious what it looks like under the bubbly sticker.


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My best guess is that this is due to a failed component. I think it's pretty unlikely to see that kind of damage unless the component itself is failing. At this point I would probably recommend replacing the logic board. Best of luck!

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@armyofgayu23272 - I have to agree with Zack, RAM does get warm, not hot! This is a likely a power level issue within the logic board. It might be repairable but the RAM chips are likely cooked! So it just makes sense to replace the logic board as painful as it is.

You might want to ask the customer what they are doing with the system.

As an example trying to calculate Pi to the Nth place which is constantly altering the RAM’s state could in theory drive the heat up of the constant state changes. A good example is GPU Video RAM can heat up quite high with heavy 3D modeling gaming. And of course this system suffered from lack of cooling to add a bit of salt to the wound.


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Take a look at the crimped end of the heat sink and look below it on the logic board to see if the is a greasy looking stain. If so your heat sink has leaked and needs to be replaced.

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