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Lançado em junho de 2012, modelo A1278. Processador Intel com Turbo Boost, até 512 MB DDR5 de RAM vídeo

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What logic boards can I use to upgrade my mac?

Hello I was wondering if I could upgrade the logic board in my MacBook pro 13" mid 2012 because it has become unbelievably slow and im now in able to use it. If it's possible what logic boards are compatible with my model?

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Sadly, there is only two flavors of this logic board either an i5 or i7 then the given board could have only 8GB or 16GB. There is no other choice.

So depending on what you have now you might find jumping to an i7 board with 16GB of RAM.

But before you make that leap, what is the size of your SSD? Also how full is it?

SSD’s need free space to work effectively. I recommend having at least 1/4 and in smaller drives 1/3 free. Maybe that would be a smarter way to gain performance freeing space or upgrading to a larger drive.

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