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Trackpad causing the login screen to come back up

This one has me stumped. Running Ventura 13.3.1. While moving my finger on the trackpad it will suddenly bring up the login page. No evidence of virus or strange APPs installed.

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My first thought is definitely hot corners. I’ve had those irritate the tar out of me before I realized that’s what I was doing that was making some thing happen (also usually Lock Screen). See if you move the move to a particular corner of the screen if it does it.

Hot corners settings are Desktop and Dock in the System Settings in Ventura, all the way at the bottom in the corner.

Otherwise, does it do it if you’re not using the trackpad?

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Not sure what would be causing this, but maybe you could check to see if any gestures are set in the trackpad settings or if any hot-corners are enabled. You could also try toggling their lock screen settings to see if that somehow fixes the glitch. Does the issue occur in Safe Mode? If not, you could try reinstalling the OS. Otherwise, it may be a bug with the version of Ventura installed. If you think that could be the case, it might be worth making a backup of the data then erasing the system and installing an earlier OS to test the theory. Good luck!

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issue was present in 13.1 and persists in 13.3.1 & does it in safe mode


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