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Repair information and disassembly guides for LG front-load washing machines.

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Washer Drum tilted back and making thumping sound on high spin

I have an LG WM3900hwa. I had a bad door boot on my washing machine and replaced it. My washer worked great before replacing the boot. Never made and noise on high spin. After removing everything to replace door seal and putting back together my washer makes very loud thumping sound at high spin. Never happened before replacing the boot. I just took everything apart to make sure the springs didn't come undone, and they are fine. Shock absorbers are in tact also. Like i said before, everything worked great before replacing the boot. Now it seems like the drum leans back. My washer is also level.

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At the back of the tub there should either be some scrub blocks or center the back of the tub should be a pic the rides in a hole with a brass barring or bushing the pin has come out of the hole or one of your scrub blocks has missed when you set the tub back in. Not likely but your machine could be very unlevel can cause you problem also.

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My model is WD-10160F (LG front load) - it works except the final high spin cycle. Does not give error but timer stops at 5 or 6 or even sometimes 1. If I put the machine is diag mode and test for high spin, it makes very high noise and walks around.


You could need to replace the 3 shock-absorbers. Find a video on YT, or maybe instructions on this site. Not too hard, not too expensive either. They are wear parts just like on a car - but these apparently last ~2 years?


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