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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in January of 2023, featuring Apple-designed M2 Pro and M2 Max SoCs.

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Broken keyboard hinge on the down arrow

After one month of usage the keyboard hinge broke for the down arrow. Has anyone else here had the same problem?

Block Image

Block Image

Update (06/01/23)

I recived The parts from TheBookYard and I got the computer fixed.

I used parts from a 2021 Macbook Pro, they were compatible with the 2023 model.

I Ordered:

  • 1 x Up/down MacBook Pro/Air (Type-R) : Grade-A
  • 1 x Scissor Clip - Arrow Keys (Type-R) : Recycled

Final Result:

Block Image

The customer suport at TheBookYard was great! thanks @danj fo the sugestion!

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Don’t do anything, take the system into an Apple Store let them fix it.

Given its location its possible a sheet of paper snuck under the edge so when you lifted the sheet you popped the key off.

The keys in Apples newer systems side wall are a bit high as the stroke is so short, and the reason this is the case is Apples desire to go a bit too far with Thinnest!

Best to keep papers and anything else which can get under the keys away.

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Hi @danj thanks for the info.

Something else to note is that the white pins that the key cap attaches to are broken off. So I can’t snap it in again. We have emailed the company we got it from (iStorm) for help and we are waiting for a response. We don’t have Apple stores in Greece yet.


@anthony0030 - That should be an easy fix, just getting the replacement parts.


After talking with apple and iStorm they want me to send them the laptop at my expence and let them keep it for 7 days. Then pay for the return out of pocket. If they deem it to be acidental damage they will charge, if it is manufacturing error it will be free (just pay shipping). But to get this information, many emails were sent and all i got was copy paste responces.

I would realy like to be able to find the part and replace it myself, I have replaceed indididual hinges and keycaps on other laptops many times.


@anthony0030 - Don’t you have a local Apple Store which you can just walk into? I often send people to our local Apple Stores. If you don’t then your options are limited. Do you have an authorized Apple retail store? Many have a service center either within the store or nearby.

If that’s not an option then replacing the parts on your own is your last option. Sadly, so far we just don’t have a source for the parts. Contact TheBookYard see if they can help you.


@Dan. There is not one apple store in the entire country. The closet store that fixes Apple products is a boat trip and hours of driving away. I could have mailed it in, but then not have a computer for weeks, in the busiest time of the year. Im on Thassos in Greece.


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No, I have not had this experience. But may I ask, where did you find a tutorial on how to remove the keyboard keys? I think I have had a shard of cracker fall under one of my keys and I'd love to remove the keys to confirm there's nothing under there that will cause problems down the road.

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I have lots of experiance fixing laptops. In this case the key was easy to get off as it was only held on on the one side of the keycap. the process is basicaly the same as other laptops. you wedge something thin in the gap between the keycap and the suronding frame and just pop the cap off.

You need to do this with care as to not damage the keycap clips.

Here is a tutorial that I found:

Instead of a screwdriver as shown in the tutorial i would use a thin guitar pick or a jimmy.


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