Power supply is likely dead, can you suggest a new one?


I have one of these IKEA BAVE 5 spot LED track lights which worked great until it didn't. At the moment it flashes when I switch it on. I've tried connecting it directly to a simple circuit and the behavior is the same which makes me think it's the power supply.

Given this power supply is very small and with some specific characteristics, can anyone point me to a replacement I can be shipped to Europe?

Also, does this power supply support light dimming? If so, given I have this is connected to three different light switches in a hallway, would I be able to control the light intensity by placing something like a Shelly Dimmer somewhere? If so, how?

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@siebenish Can you provide the specifications (Output voltage and current) of the original power supply?


Hi, I added a photo of the power supply on the product page, in the end of the description:

BÄVE LED ceiling track with 5-spots


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