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Repair and disassembly information for the AirPods (3rd Generation) wireless earbuds from Apple.

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Why are the AirPods not turning on after I take them out of the case?

The first time I got them They worked perfectly fine. The next day I had to hold down a section of the AirPod to power them on and then I think they died after a while. So I went to charge them. Later on that day, went to get them, I tried to turn them on but they didn’t say ‘Power On’ and they didn’t connect to my phone. Also the light was Green so I have no Idea what is wrong with them

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AirPod batteries aren't holding a charge.

Faulty charging case battery.

The Lightning cable needs to be replaced.

AirPods not making good contact with the charging case.

Your device needs a software update.

Hardware damage to the AirPods or charging case.



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