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O Nintendo 2DS é um dispositivo portátil de jogos desenvolvida como uma versão de nível de entrada do Nintendo 3DS com hardware quase idêntico, mas sem a função de ecrã superior 3D.

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ejects game cards as soon as they are put in

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i think the bar that is holding the games down is bent, and the screen has a very deep scratch in the top right corner, it can read games, as seen in the video, but the bent bar will push them out

anyone have a idea of how to fix this?

@flannelist Hm, I noticed that the spring will go in halfway, but then will push it back out

so the bar it the issue,because it wont go into the locked position with out force?

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This the part of my morning where I’m scraping through all the tear downs of 3DS style devices to see if there’s an X-Ray of the cartridge reader in any of them just for sake of clarity. But no dice.

I have not specifically worked on one of these, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but after having a look at the outsides and using my morning hyper-focus, my inkling is that this is likely a product of two mechanisms. One to keep the spring from ejecting the cartridge and one to keep the cartridge from falling out. I suspect they may actually be the same part within the cartridge reader, but separate things. I suspect your issue is with the former. That’s the thing that gives the satisfying click when you’ve inserted the cartridge far enough to engage the spring lock.

Update: Realized I never finished my thought. It might be difficult to fix if it is the “Click” that’s not engaging. Because the bits that actually handle this will be inside the cartridge reader, and unlikely to be accessible. I might see if I have something similar I can rip apart just to see. I have DSi XL and a DS lite in my apartment somewhere I can compare.

Stay tuned.

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Btw, it's a 2013 basically just a 2013 3ds lite, just in case there's a upgraded card reader or something like that

also the it started when a game card was put in backwards by a younger sibling :(


@flannelist holy crap

mk so I opened it,

the springs for the trigger buttons are corrded

Andi cant get the top cover covering the game card reader


@flannelist Is there a way to take off the sliver casing on the game reader?



could i possibly try to bend the bar in a certain way, would it start to function normally again?


@flannelist, so i got it to fully eject cards, and to click, but it still will push them out as soon as they are put in


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