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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Where can I bye a new logic board

I Think that my logic board is bad. I have replaced connector 3, and changed front glass. When i turn it on, everything is working like normal. BUT after 3-5 minutes it goes black. Then I try to turn it on again, but now it only comes to the little circle thing right after the apple disappears. it stays there until no power, and it gets pretty quick hot on the back.

If I remove/ disconnect the screen and then connect it again, the same thing starts over. First time it works, second and 3 and 4 and--- it wont work.

I can do this again and again.

When it works i can come in connect with iTunes and i have of course restored it. I have also tried holding down return button when turning om, in more different ways ( long hold short hold). I have also tried holding both simultaneity for some seconds. NOTHING helps. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE. Sincerely JENS DK.

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what happens with old connector 3? I take it you just replaced the flex not the logicboard connector? there are many problems with the flex, I'd try not connecting no.3 and see what happens. Why did you replace it? Did you smash the glass? If the connector on the logicboard was replaced I'd check that the solder points/joints are good, no bent pins etc.


I think it is a little to early to look for a new logic board. I am not saying that it is not broken, but you still have plenty of options. I think you need to check with my colleague pollytintop on this phone. It still functions to proper to rule out other things first. Number one clarification should be why you replaced the connector and the glass. Did the phone work proper before you changed that?


Hey gues, thank you for replying. I got the phone for free from one of my sons freinds. He and his dad tryed to change the glass them selves. They broke the conector 3, and they `didnt dare to go any further.

It worked proper before they tryed to change glass.

I soldered nue conector 3 on logic board. Have checked soldering more times, bud i`ll do it again.


try turning phone on without no3 connected..it's one way of narrowing down the problem to either the flex or the connector. Ie no need for new logicboard. Also try a known working front..maybe a cheap glass causing problems, but one thing at a time.


Hey many thanks, Ill try som of it when time. " ILL BE BACK" no matter what.


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definitely listen to Polly. Try without the ribbon attached. If you have a bridged solder point, it will cause shortage and prevent the phone from booting. I poorly soldered #3 will cause issues like this, as well as a faulty #3 ribbon. Any bridging under the connector will not be visible, and you may have to carefully remove the connector and try again. Logic board is not fried. I've seen this time and time again.

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