ANC static when adjusting

So I get static in the left side. It sounds like the static you get when you drag your finger over the needle of a record player. It happens when ANC is on and;

1 I wiggle my ears to adjust them

2 turn the left earcup into the off position

3 adjust the headband fit but only the left side.

4 sometimes just always on

It seems like when the pressure in that side changes it happens. I have opened it up and did not see anything obviously wrong, like bad soldering or worn wires. It makes me think that there is an issue with a mic in the earcup. I also think this because I have used it with only the left ear on but the right behind my ear so I can hear around me with and without the ANC on.

When I opened it up there was the main driver and then four paper covered things around it. They all looked good to me I can upload photos if it would help.

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In my case, I get static on my left cup when I adjust the length on the right side of the headband. It seems as if there were some kind of track or rail to make the connection between the two cups and it got worn out with use. There are some positions of the headband in which the ANC of the left cup gets completely turned off as if it had no connection at all.

I searched for any way to disassemble the headband but could not find any.


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