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A high-end smartphone in the HTC One series featuring Beats audio, released in spring 2012.

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HTC s phone I tried to fix it

My htc phone is broken I tried to fix is there a way to get all the pictures and videos from it

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Alex, can you give us a little more detail? What specifically is broken and what did you do to try and fix it?


Well at first the power button broke and so I then ordered the same phone to try to get that power button and fix it and then that power button broke I took apart the phones and to where I need parts and to be fixed, it’s a htc one s


@alex59022 is it recognized by a computer?


Can y’all fix it by having the phone with all my memory on it, the motherboard is still in good shape


I can’t turn it on at all I took it apart thinking I could fix it just turned out to be a mess me not knowing, so trying to find someone to fix it need a few parts just the screws and power button and charger port


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if the motherboard is in good shape, you can buy a HTC One S that is google locked or carrier locked, and switch the motherboard out of that one and put yours into that one. if you can get it to connect to a computer, you can download the photos and videos onto the computer if you don't really need the phone.

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