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Xiaomi M365 charger blinking red and green


I have a Xiaomi M365 scooter. I bought it used, cannot turn on. I think it was water damaged because of the indicators inside the house turn pink.

The battery's bms was dead, it produced 17v from the xt30 connector but the battery has 36v in it, so I replaced the bms to a new one. after the replacement the scooter started to work, the bms looks good (flashing blue). When I want to charge, it charges very slowly. 1% per hour. When I plug in the charger to the power outlet green light comes on the charger, but when i plug in to scooter starts to flash red and green. also the battery bms flashing red and blue (somethimes 3 red flashes then a lot of blue, then 4 red flashes then lot of blue, ect..)

Charger outputs 42v.

Is it the bms or the charger? Could be the charger if it outputs 42v?


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I have the same problem with my scooter it was lighting red and green so I opened up the charger and I made it work but I had to mess with it. I just got a new charger and now it charges good so I'm guessing it's the charger. Hope this helps

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