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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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EMC 2328, bootlooped for sometime, now it blinks and won’t charge

Hello people! I don’t know if this was asked, but I don’t know how to search about it, so I’ll write about it. Recently (2 years ago) I tried to turn on my 2nd gen iPad, since the last time I checked it worked. But when I tried to, it kept boot looping and refused to enter the charging screen. Now is too dead he keeps on blinking trying to charge itself but without success… I charged with its charging cable since 2013 and always worked. Do you guys have a clue what is going on? Or why did this happen? I talked with a tech guy, he told me the motherboard can be damaged, but before spending my money I’d like a confront, because I got a feeling something is not quite right about the statement.

The charging cable makes a really weird noise when is trying to charge the iPad

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With an iPad this old it could very well be the battery, corrupted software, or as the tech said, a potential board issue. The best way I’m aware of to see if it’s any of these, is to test a new battery. (Also possible if there is some kind of third party software that can test it by plugging into the 30pin or lightning connector) A side note is that certain older iPads before being updated to the latest software(stuck on old software or have missed an update) are essentially bricked without access to the update servers, which are no longer signing updates that old. (They will ping the server and essentially freak out)But my suggestion is to have a repair shop try a battery or you yourself, but it may not be worth the trouble unfortunately. Best of luck!

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@glitch22 Thank you so much, I see what I can… well, they* can do, then. By the way, I’m letting it charging (hopelessly), should I stop charging it? There’s still chipset’s noise coming from the charger..


Hmmm 🤔 while not terrible it may be wasted energy. Test some different power bricks. (which you may have already done) Besides that, I’d leave it unplugged haha. Don’t wanna feed a potentially dangerous battery!


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