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Production of the fifth generation 2010 Subaru Legacy began the last week of May 2009 at the Indiana location, and was unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

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Subaru key fob not working after battery change

I fixed this myself, but I'm just not in a state to type up the instructions. Hopefully someone gets some benefit. I (think) all Subaru key fobs from the 2010 to 2014 range should fit into this? Anyway, the positive terminal inside the fob sheers due to wear and tear so you end up with it sometimes working if you smack the key about while pressing a button

Once you've disassembled the battery (thank you Miroslav Car Key Fob Battery Replacement) it'll look similar to this;

Block Image

There are three small screws on my model that hold the battery in place. After removing these, to seperate the two halves I simply pushed my nail in to pop it apart

Block Image

I didn't plan on making this otherwise I'd have taken a picture beforehand. I placed the tip of my soldering iron on the contact and globbed a bit of solder on. I trimmed a bit off the top because like I said, globbed.

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check if your buttons are faulty, if so, order some new buttons, and solder them on like them came off.

Here is a video to guide you.

How to fix key fob.

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Key fobs have many different reasons they can act like this. I have put together a few common ways to How To Fix A Key Fob

Change The Battery

Batteries don't last forever, you'll be surprised how often it's just a dead battery!  Search our YouTube channel on how to change a battery for your specific year, make, and model!

Wipe The Board

The board inside your remote can get a lot more filthy than you think! When the board is dirty it can prohibit the contact to the circuit board when you push down on the button.

Simply wiping the circuit board off can make your key fob like new again! Watch on youtube

The Old Car Battery Reset Trick

I know this sounds absurd, but it works sometimes and is worth trying. If you exhausted all of the options above, disconnect both terminals on your car battery for 10 minutes. Then reconnect them and try your key fob. This has worked for many people and I have no idea why. If you do, please comment below to explain.

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