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Model M5884 / 400 or 500 MHz G4 processor

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m5884 dc internal broken -- how to change it

hallo... i've to change the dc connector...+ pole broken

is possible to have a guide... it is different from newer model...

i've the ac connector covered by a floor of circuit....

It's my first mac (bought in 2000) ... i would to my daughter the opportunity to play a little bit with him ...

I'm writing from switzerland and now i have my second mac... a MacBook Pro model 2009 .....

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Ifixit doesn't have the manual for this repair, but if you look here: PowerBook G4 Titanium Mercury Repair you'll see various other rapairs that will lead you in the right direction. This repair PowerBook G4 Titanium Mercury Logic Board Replacement will most likely suit your needs.

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thank you from Switzerland ....

i'll check ....


No Problem. Good Luck.


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