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Versão maior do Nintendo DSi, lançada em março de 2010 na América do Norte. A maioria dos reparos é realizada apenas com uma chave de fenda e ferramentas de abertura.

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Powers on then off

Hello. So a dad here. I replaced my son's dsi xl lower screen and it worked perfectly. He went to use it one day and he brought it to me saying it wouldn't power on. So I look at it and it powers on then off. So dig into it after reading the other post about this issue. What I came across is that if I unplug the right hand bumper button it boots up just fine. So I got a different rh bumper and same problem. So I need help 😕 Thanks in advance for any information. My son is not like other kids. He loves his old-school gaming consoles more then the new ones. My next step would be to source a new main board.

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Sounds like you're dealing with a damaged connector. Inspect both of them as closely as you can, and see if anything looks bent/out of place. If it does, you can try very carefully bending it back. If that doesn't work, you have 2 options unless you feel comfortable soldering on a new connector:

1: take it to a repair shop

2: replace the motherboard

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