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Panic CPU x caller

Hi, im getting random restarts, i have this log, thanks in advance :)

{"bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2023-03-04 02:49:31.00 +0100","os_version":"iPhone OS 16.3 (20D47)","roots_installed":0,"incident_id":"6C63A8FC-F71E-4F42-9610-29A3C76759B0"}


"build" : "iPhone OS 16.3 (20D47)",

"product" : "iPhone12,1",

"socId" : "0x00008030",

"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.3.0: Wed Jan 4 21:25:00 PST 2023; root:xnu-8792.82.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8030",

"incident" : "6C63A8FC-F71E-4F42-9610-29A3C76759B0",

"crashReporterKey" : "86326d9a43aa7020fb6647f84b4b25f0bd55f016",

"date" : "2023-03-04 02:49:31.32 +0100",

"panicString" : "panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff02f435c58): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from wifid in 192 seconds\nwifid has not exited since first loaded\nservice: backboardd, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 271, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: SpringBoard, total successful checkins in 2691 seconds: 267, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: mediaserverd, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 270, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: logd, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 257, last successful checkin: 140 seconds ago\nservice: thermalmonitord, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 269, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: runningboardd, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 271, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\nservice: wifid, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 252, last successful checkin: 192 seconds ago\nservice: configd, total successful checkins in 2739 seconds: 270, last successful checkin: 0 seconds ago\n\nDebugger message: panic

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iPhones don't typically Kernel Panic unless you're developing an app through Xcode. How were you able to pull this log?


i was using 3utools, im a bit new on debug this kind of things, and i saw a post were a similar log was posted.

Monitoring crash logs on 3utools


Turn off WiFi and see what it does. Have you any new apps installed before it started?


will try turning off wifi, but it can stay a couple of days without restarting.


@jorgerua leave it for 3 or 4 days with wifi turned off and see what it does. Turn it off in settings and not the drop down. Also do you have any security or antivirus apps running?


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hello Jorge,

This is not panic.log.CPU.caller as you suspect. I wrote an article some time ago on my blog (you can find an address in "about me" tab or in google) about the interpretation of panic.string in the iPhones and iPads.

In your case Watchdog is talking about Timeout - No Check In

The timeout process checks the overall functionality of the system. If the time between "sub-checks" exceeds the maximum value, the device will reboot to try to fix it. Easy to trace if the Springboard, Logd, Wifid or Thermalmonitord instruction does not mention the physical location of the sensor. I assume that in this case it is a software component. Especially visible in the first releases of version 16.0. Since version 16.2 I have not recorded any case (any conclusions?) ( ! for 7-12pro/Max models only ! )

Your watch.daemon noted that Wifid (wifi daemon) is having trouble noting the presence of the backboards service. Everything indicates a short circuit in the voltage divider line, the potential of the gate transistor does not match or the interposer bus has been interrupted (a crack between the layers of the sandwich).

and here's another question, are you a user - use the services of an experienced repair shop or if you repair phones professionally, you know what to do. If not, ask before do anythings.

  • fingers crossing :-)

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Thanks for your answer! iphone is not mine, usually people around me ask me for fix stuff because i have been doing this kind of things for some years and usually have no problems at all, but never used 3utools and this is new to me and beyond my knowledge, really appreciated your answers guys, will try and report.


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Hi Jorge,

I'm going to disagree with @jmehnert that iPhones don't kernel panic; we've seen far too many examples here on iFixit.

The panics generally come in two flavors, hardware and software. The hardware panics tend to be associated with a specific sensor on the phone that isn't responding and is usually fixed by replacing that particular component.

The other kind, which yours falls under, is a software problem. Apparently iOS 16 introduced some bugs that resulted in kernel panics, and in general the solution has been to upgrade the system to a newer version. I see from your logs that you're running 16.3, which in theory should have contained the fixes for the original bugs, but there may be more fixes in a later version. Here's an excerpt from @flannelist's excellent iPhone Kernel Panics Wiki article that's particularly relevant to you.

=== Watchdog Timeout No Check In ===

The Watchdog Timeout process checks for overall functionality of the system. If the amount of time between check ins exceeds the maximum (typically 180 seconds), the device reboots to attempt to correct this.

  • Rather than a missing sensor as previously discussed, you may also get a check in failure from a software component. Springboard, logd, wifid or thermalmonitord (with no reference to a missing sensor) are common. Although these processes may correlate to a hardware component, this is typically a software issue.
  • This issue has cropped up commonly in early versions of iOS 16. The solution is generally to ensure you have a backup and restore your phone's software.
  • It remains to be seen whether Apple has corrected this with iOS 16.2, but attempting to update is worth a go if you don't want to backup. Try using the Recovery Mode method to process the install to avoid reboots mid process.

Long story short, the usual fix for this is to update your operating system. If that doesn't do the trick, then a full backup / wipe / restore may be necessary.

Good luck; let us know what you find.

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wow, such a complete answer, thanks, i will try to update and see what it does, really appreciated :)


i just updated (16.3.1 (20D67)) and took like 20 mins to restart, same timeout from wifid, guess i have to backup and restore.


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hola ami me marcaba mismo error y se reiniciaba en un iphone 12

cambie flex de carga y se soluciono el problema

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