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The Huawei Watch GT 2 is the second version of Huawei's GT smartwatch lineup. It was announced in September 2019 and released in October 2019.

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How to change the glass only

The watch is fully functioning but the screen is scratched. How do I replace the screen only without the digitizer?

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You can't. You'd have to replace the whole screen.

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Ok thanks. I am just wondering why screens only can be bought then.


@fkpqocplc7lel7l not sure what you mean. Can you post a link to one?


@strongbow Here is an example: (I actually own a GT3 but I think they are made quite similar)


@fkpqocplc7lel7l That looks like the outer bezel to be honest. No idea on removal as its fixed. Might be screwed on from the inside but not sure. Have a search online and see what comes up. I looked but could only find the bezel but no guide.


Cheers Nigel. I can´t find a guide either. As far as my search got me it is about heating up the glass on a heat plate and then inserting an ultra thin wire and carefully pulling it off, but I suspect it´s a hazardous enterprise.


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