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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Rebooting 120s due to thermalmonitord missing sensor Tc1i Tc1x

I have an iPad Pro that reboots every other minute and creating a panic report, panic report says:

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff0289ee514): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from thermalmonitord

service returned not alive with context : is_alive_func returned unhealthy : current 1d7ffffff, mask 1ffffffff, expected 1ffffffff. SD: 0 BC: 0 RC: -1 BS: 0, Missing sensor(s): Tc1i Tc1x

I see a lot of similar threads but with other sensor that its possible the get more information on. A repair shop have tried to change the battery but did not help.

Can anyone help me figure out where the Tc1i Tc1x sensors are located?

I would appreciate that a lot.

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hello Pierre,

I described the panic.log problem in the iPhone and iPad in detail on my blog (address in the "about me" tab), but I don't remember the name of the device. Perhaps it has to do with the evolution of the IOS version so you can try a solution by analogy. Before that, however, a few questions:

  • under what circumstances did it happen.
  • How often a restart occurs (in seconds - measure with your watch)
  • was the tablet repaired, if so, what, where and when

Can you share the entire panic.full of this crash?

in general, it seems to me that this is a problem related to the sensors of the Watchdog system. It is a systemic process with a programmed cycle of examining external sensor data. The cycle is cyclical, as the name suggests, and has a value of 180 seconds. If the measurement interval is not interrupted by incoming (confirmed) data, the system will start a failover, hoping that a system reboot and current sensor start will solve the problem. To find a missing sensor signal, analyze the incoming data from Panic.Log. Perhaps it's a new form of screen sensors, in the case of Pro12.9" If the screen was replaced, it seems quite likely. So the problem will be related to the interface soldered in the signal tape of the screen.


If a technician in a repair shop suggests replacing the battery as a repair method like yours, without providing diagnostic evidence (because sometimes battery failures happen) run away from this place, because the technician has no idea about the principle of operation of the Apple tablet and certainly does not have the competence to repair such a device.

I hope I have shed some light on your problem. Good luck.

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Hi Bert and thanks, I bought the iPad used hoping it was a software issue that was causing he reboot.

So I am not sure about the history of the iPad which would have been very helpful.

Here is a link to some logs:

I plan to open it up myself as well, but because the repair store did not charge for the troubleshooting I did let them try. He said they tried to replace battery but it did not help. I also suggested Power flex and charging flex cable test. They said they tried but to be honest I don't think they ever tested to replace those cables because he was so sure it was a faulty battery.

I have seen a lot of threads where people have same issue as I do and replacing the flex cables helped, but they have all had others sensors mentioned in the Panic logs. So I am not sure what's wrong with mine.

I don't have the iPad with me right now so I can't measure the time, but is 120-180 seconds I would say. I don't thing I have ever seen it stay alive longer than that.



180s is the common part. In that case, I'd look at screen quality. Perhaps it was replaced (counterfeit Chinese) and the signal interface can be badly soldered. The reason can be anywhere but the common part will be the handling of the screen (screen electronics). The sensors you are asking about are placed in the tape of the screen (you can't replace it without unsticking and unsoldering the whole).

look for a workshop that has a damaged screen of this model (cracked but still showing signs of life) or run a tablet without a screen (use the 3uTools option, but autorize this tablet in advance). If the tablet stops rebooting, there will be enough diagnostic evidence to look for a new screen. If not, the current road remains ... an experienced workshop, removing the motherboard and full electronics diagnostics. However, it may cost a bit, depending on the capabilities of the workshop. the more expensive it is, the more likely the repair shop is incompetent.


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