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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Can the S21 turn on without charging port board connected?

Customer ran their phone over, and I am trying to test and make sure it turns on, before ordering extra parts. We have a display-assembly, so I transferred all the parts over. The only part I couldn't transfer was the charging port board, because it was severely damaged.

So, I put it all back together, made sure the battery and power button were connected. Connected all the small parts. Reconnected the NFC antenna, the cell antenna/earpiece speaker, the loud speaker etc. Fastened all the screws. Basically completely reassembled the phone into the new display-assembly sans the charging port board. I left the data and charging cables disconnected, and only connected the display cable.

The phone did not turn on. So, now I'm questioning if the phone actually needs the charging port board to turn on. Or if the mainboard was also damaged (visibly it looks fine, although the little shield has a dent in it)

Can anybody confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S21 can turn on, with the charging board disconnected?

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I think you’ll need a new charge board to complete the circuit to allow the phone to boot. They’re cheap enough to buy and depending on seller should be with you in a day or two. Battery could be damaged too if it’s been ran over. Have you checked the voltage with a multimeter?

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I forgot to mention that I did dry-fit a new battery. I put the phone on a wireless charging pad and it only pulled 0.5A. No idea how to test it with a multimeter though. I figured the daughterboard might have been needed to complete the circuit


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