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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Kushlan 350DD, an electric wheelbarrow-style cement mixer.

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Barrel not spinning or frozen.

After storing for a few months, I flip the switch, and it is making a humming noise. However, the barrel does not spin, I cannot spin it manually before I take it apart, I was wondering if anyone had experienced the barrel, frozen or not spinning. I did check in the breaker button is not tripped.

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There should be a large capacitor on the motor. That could of gone over time. Most mixers are ran on a worm drive gearbox so you can't rotate the drum by hand. Is there any way to safely rotate the drive mechanism? It could be jammed with sitting.

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After testing, it appears to be a dead capacitor. Thank You!


@Joseph Galaska No problem, hope you get it working.


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